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Our Expertise

At Precision Trenching we have the experience you can trust.


We can claim long-term success

After providing excellent excavating and related services for years, we have the experience you need for the best possible work on your project. Along with the right tools, equipment, and technology, we hire highly skilled, professional staff members to get every job done properly.


We seek opinions and assistance from outside sources

We can put you in touch with the resources you might need, such as Michigan’s underground utility safety notification system, or MISS DIG.

We also coordinate with privately owned utilities and other sources to make your project run smoothly, safely and legally. If your underground cabling or wiring has not been registered, we can tell you how to do that. We also can provide the tools you need to locate any system that needs attention.


We provide service you can count on

Our success comes from serving satisfied customers cost-effectively and efficiently. You can count on us with confidence. We take pride in our work. We strive to meet our customers’ needs with overall satisfaction.

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