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Our Tools & Equipment

At Precision Trenching we leave nothing to chance.


We use the best-suited equipment

Our work must be precise to be effective, so it takes proper tools and equipment to do it right.  We use state-of-the-art technical tools, along with expertly trained staff, to ensure our best work from start to finish.


We can quickly locate and help fix your problem

Our high-quality locating equipment is the best in the business. We help you find trouble spots without guessing. Once we locate an issue, our state-of-the-art excavating tools and equipment can get to work on repairing it.


We rely on video for perfect projects

We make sure we have the proper tools for all our jobs. Since a lot of our projects are underground, or in other awkward places, we use video cameras to ensure that those jobs are done properly, despite their locations.


Our sewer inspection camera also has the capability to see hard-to-reach areas to analyze problems and find accurate solutions to them - before we dig.


We make adjustments for existing systems

If cables or other underground systems interfere with your plans, we can find solutions to get around them and continue with your project. We understand the importance of devices like fiber optics or cable lines today, so we have equipment and expertise to do high-quality work around them. To expedite your project while keeping your existing systems and devices running properly, we can deal with:


•  Telco


•  LAN

•  Internet

•  Industrial

•  Commercial and more

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