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We Can Handle Special Projects

At Precision Trenching we do routine work and special projects.


We can find collapses and fix other underground problems quickly

If pipes, lines, or any other conduits on your property collapse, you can call on us. We’ll give your problem the special attention it needs. With our experience, expertise and video camera inspection, you can expect us to quickly identify and carefully eliminate problems of all kinds.


We can help you with plugs, clogs and other obstructions

When you have a plugged sewer line, we know that prompt and sanitary service is a must. Whether facilities are obstructed by cable, sewage or some other kind of blockage, our video inspection process can locate the affected area, take care of the issue and leave everything running smoothly.


We can help you pinpoint electrical issues

If your wiring system seems faulty, give us a call. We’ll check it out. After we find the problem with our high-tech locater, you will be able to get it repaired quickly and efficiently. Once we pinpoint the position of the problem, you no longer have to worry about unnecessary excavation, expense or danger.

We do vacuum excavating

We can safely excavate around existing utilities, such as telephone poles, that may be close to your property. Whether you need to repair roads or parking lots, install large signs, dig around gas lines or utilities, we’ve got you covered. We use a precision tool that allows accurate excavating and vacuum cleanup at the end of a project.


We offer effective removal of water and other fluids

Excavation sites are sometimes covered with rain, snow or other debris that must be removed before a project can be started. We offer surface removal services for sites, lots, catch basins, storm drains, utility boxes, manholes and more. Call on us to keep your property dry, dehydrated and ready to use.


We pride ourselves on solving problems safely and sensibly

With our technology, we can help you pinpoint problems with everything from sewers to conduit lines. Our high-tech cameras help us resolve issues without unnecessary digging or higher costs caused by trial and error. We use high-quality locating equipment to help you with any problems you might encounter.

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